Cats that are born on the streets or abandoned, form colonies in the local area. The current system that is put in place to handle the vast amounts of these colonies sees that the cats are captured, neutered and then released into the community again. It is against the law to feed stray cats, but these feline colonies are mainly surviving on food provided by locals.

This system is not sustainable, and means that stray cats are considered a nuisance to the local community and tourists visiting the area alike.

Catland Javea will be a completely voluntary refuge, run by local animal lovers, that plans to offer a safe place for these cat colonies. We will rescue up to 150 cats, and enable an adoption scheme so that they have the opportunity to live fulfilled lives in a loving home.  We will have local 24 hour veterinary assistance and will dedicate our time to rescuing cats and kittens in Javea, Spain.

We are a non-profit organisation and we depend on the generosity of the local community and we need generous donations to make this happen. Your donation will help us reach our goal, that will cover the costs of the initial build of Catland and all the start up maintenance costs for the cats.

Funds Raised


€66.300 of €81.500 goal raised

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ES04 0081 0660 0200 0231 5243

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